Tuesday, January 17, 2006

George! George, come back!!

You know, it never occurred to me that some people would be so upset at George Galloway thanks to his antics on Celebrity Big Brother. Oh sure, I presumed his constituents would be annoyed and that some of his more conservative Muslim supporters would be repulsed, but I didn't expect lump-in-the-throat, tears-in-the-eyes distress from anyone (other than, maybe, his campaign manager). Yet, that's what we have from the Irish Green Party.
Greens chairman John Gormley said the Respect MP is demeaning himself by behaving like a cat and arguing about cigars with fellow contestant Michael Barrymore. "Mr Galloway is a brilliant orator and campaigner but these talents are not on display on Big Brother. Galloway should cut his losses immediately and get out of this freak show," the Dublin TD said.

Mr Gormley also accused Mr Galloway of demeaning himself and discrediting the anti-war movement with his on-screen behaviour.
After reading that passage, I couldn't rid myself of the image of John Gormley as the young boy crying out after Shane in the last scene in the movie.