Wednesday, July 30, 2003

Aer Lingus

Like most people in Ireland, I enjoy complaining about Aer Lingus whenever I can. My wife and I have had some fairly bad experiences traveling with the national airline. However, I would like to congratulate them on the dramatic fall in their fares over the past year or so. I think Aer Lingus is now the cheapest airline on the N. Atlantic. Americans can get to Ireland and back for as little as $200. For reasons I've never understood, the jouney in the opposite direction is always more. Still, I've seen fares as low as €228 round-trip to Boston for this autumn. That is less than half what we paid to go to the US after we first moved here in the early 1990's.

Sure service has suffered somewhat (particularly at Kennedy Airport), but it's still better than most airlines.

Now if only they would reinstate the half fare for children (which was eliminated only a few weeks ago and replaced with a 25% reduction for all children under 12) . . .