Thursday, April 05, 2012

New broadband means the Mets live & in color on my laptop from today

I didn't so much dream about this day as see it clearly in my future. Back in 1994 when I got my first e-mail address and had my first taste of the World Wide Web I looked into the future and saw this day more clearly than any other future event.

Today will be the first time I've been able to use my laptop to watch the Mets. I'm so far behind the times that I thought it would seem anti-climactic when today arrived, but I'm really excited. Until this year my broadband wasn't good enough to really watch live video, especially not sports. Too jumpy and too prone to freezing. I've spent the past 6 seasons listening to hundreds of baseball games, but this year I plan to listen less and watch more.

A few weeks ago my broadband was upgraded (thanks UPC) and I can watch live sports video on my laptop. I tried it out a little during the NCAA basketball tournament, but today is the day. Today at 6:10pm I will be able to do exactly as I excitedly described shortly after surfing the web for the very first time. I knew it would come and it has.

From now on I'll be able to watch the Mets and ruin my dinners just as if I was in New York. Only I'll either have to stay up through the nights or watch on delay and ruin my breakfasts. I don't care. This is far greater than sliced bread.