Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Classless disgrace

My team. Uggh. The NY Mets are a no-class joke of an organization.

Last night at 3am NY time they fired their manager, Willie Randolph. Randolph was - perhaps - not the greatest manager, but he deserved better than this. And, they fired Randolph after the team won last night (and has won 3 of 4). And, not only had the Mets won and not only was it 3am in New York, but the Mets had only arrived in California after a cross country flight late the previous night. They could have fired him the day before, but decided to wait because it was Father's Day. Nonsense.

Willie probably should have been fired after last season's collapse, but this team's troubles are little to do with Randolph and mostly to do with the man who put this team together and that's not Willie, but Omar Minaya.

Sure, I'll go on rooting for them, but this stinks. Big time.