Sunday, July 08, 2007

A-Rod's a choker

I'm not much of a tennis fan. Once a year for two weeks I half pay attention. Towards the end of Wimbledon I pay closer attention, but I won't pretend to really know the game. However, I do know sports and I know a choker when I see one. Andy Roddick is one - BIG TIME.

I watched him in the fifth set on Friday and I knew he was going to lose. I've seen that face on other athletes in the past. Guys with talent, but with that look on their face that just says, Loser. Any sports fan knew Roddick didn't have it. I don't know how Jimmy Connors can stand to be near him, let alone coach him. Must frustrate the hell out of him.

And, what's this garbage of calling Andy Roddick "A-Rod"? There's only one A-Rod and he's the official Choker-in-Chief for the NY Yankees. Great, great player with tons of talent, but somehow he always comes up small in the biggest games.