Sunday, October 31, 2004

Did I forget to mention . . .

The Sox won! I realize you all know - even those of you in W. Cork who don't care about baseball one way or the other. It's been all over the Irish & British papers and television news. I couldn't believe how much coverage it got. Some of the coverage was a good laugh.

On Wednesday (before it was all over) the Evening Herald (not online) ran a series of photos with one caption. I didn't see the photos, but my daughter the Sox fan did. She told me who was in the pictures, but all I can remember is Orlando Cabrerra & David Ortiz (sorry Mr. Kerry, no sign of Manny Ortez). Anyway, the main picture featured Gabe Kapler and the only caption read "Gabe Kapler and teammates" or something like that. {The equivalent would be a series of pictures of Manchester United with a caption reading "Phil Neville and teammates".}

Today's London Times has an article by Hugh McIlvanney, who claims some allegiance to the Red Sox thanks to his first experience with them in the 1986 World Series. Unfortunately for Mr. McIlvanney, he misremembers the key moment of that game claiming that the Sox were on the brink of a celebration when the ball rolled through Buckner's legs. But, all Sox fans (& us Met fans too, by the way) know that the game was tied before that ball was hit. Minor error for anyone other than a die-hard Sox fan, who until Wednesday, October 27, 2004 was incapable of forgetting any detail of that nightmare.

Now all of Boston sleeps peacefully.