Wednesday, July 30, 2003

Global warming is a "weapon of mass destruction"

So says the former head of the UK Met office, Sir John Houghton. I have trouble taking this sort of argument seriously. Of course, Aine Lawlor and her guest use this platform for more "Bush-bashing", which instantly tells me that this has little to do with serious science.

I am willing to accept that the Earth may very well be warming, but how much of this is man-made? The Earth was warmer in 1200 than it is now. Greenland was actually green - had more arable land than the UK. So what happened? When I went to Newgrange, I discovered that Ireland used to have much warmer, drier summers 5000 years ago.

The Earth warms and cools and my gut tells me that nearly all of this change that we may now be experiencing is natural. I have never heard any serious discussion of the possibility that global warming is an entirely natural event.

Last week's "dire warning" said that Ireland's east coast would experience warmer, drier summers. I'm sweating already at the thought of it. Imagine not needing a sweatshirt in July? How will we survive?